Running Towards Danger*

The best 13 minutes on leadership I've seen to date: *14:30 to 27:24

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Necessary SPOILERS: (1) The best [graphic, not suitable for children] rebuttal of "texts are too easy" (Sinek's words) for conveying full emotion.
(2) re Alpha-Omega : Safe to say, free choice, moral comprehension*, theory of mind ---  progress,* wisdom*, justice*, retribution -- are all well suited for keeping all manner of dubiousness (hierarchical and otherwise) generally in check.
( *Thank bloody hell. )
Incidentally, btw:  (Note to Self)  Exceptional minds -- from Newton to Darwin to Wozniak -- as a rule, are generally significantly less pompous than their peers.
( just an fyi reminder. )
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(3)  Re "Work (stress) is killing us;" a good, related post:
The McGonogal Sisters: 'Make Stress Your Friend and Live Ten Years Longer' (!!!)

And speaking of dubiousness, (4) turns out the jury's still deadlocked on whether menstrual syncing is noise or signal. {This American Life, #630, Act 4: 'Period Drama'}

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And here's my all-time favourite talk on entrepreneurship, and the importance of not getting carried away with the perceptions of bystanders:

( 🍁 👍🏻 )  Elmira's own on Malcolm McClean,* and the implementation of modern container shipping.


ps : McClean started in 1935, btw: Arguably the peak of the worst prolonged period of economic stagnation in modern history.

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