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Long overdue update on my now TEN YEARS OLD (!) mercurial post. ‡*

Bottom Line:

It was the Russians all along: waging covert political war on the U.S. (and the west generally). Using the legitimate fault lines between earnest grass-roots citizens and the pharmaceutical industry (±CDC – and government generally) to inflame, alienate, undermine and weaken us all.

And for the longest time – FAR too long – without any blowback whatsoever.

(See the links below, ‡*

... Turns out the KGB (now FSB, GRU & SVR) are the 'best' in the world at this type of ungodly, long-term political warfare. And accordingly, were only too happy to spend relatively*^ modest sums (+ human capital) targeting a slew of unsuspecting folks – PRESENT COMPANY INCLUDED.

i.e. as long as we stupidly pointed our reflexive anger, revulsion and or rage entirely (stupidly) at each other.

(The big picture story is compelling, and unfortunately the risk to all associated is not nearly as past as I'd like ... Rather they're now in a full-scale cover their a**es operation. 

Which arguably *could* engender even more risk for a while yet...)


I'll add more details soon enough. But in the meantime, two essential links with key background knowledge for understanding this story (m̸̵̸e̸̵̸n̸̵̸t̸̵̸i̸̵̸o̸̵̸n̸̵̸e̸̵̸d̸̵̸ ̸̵̸i̸̵̸n̸̵̸ ̸̵̸t̸̵̸h̸̵̸e̸̵̸ ̸̵̸s̸̵̸c̸̵̸r̸̵̸e̸̵̸e̸̵̸n̸̵̸s̸̵̸h̸̵̸o̸̵̸t̸̵̸s̸̵̸) ... 

1st) The BRILLIANT 43-minute NY Times documentary that finally (thankfully!) pulled the wool from my eyes:

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 (FYI – Sorry – working on it.)  


'Operation Infektion' (2019)

'How Russia Perfected the Art of War'

This revelation – along with the lived experience of *three vehicles sabotaged* in my drive way*¹; two probable attempts on my life*² (No joke – as batsh_t crazy as that sounds.) ... Multiple suspicious property fires*³; numerous blatant tech hacks*⁴ ... and a host of other things [ALL *PRECISELY* FITTING TEXTBOOK KREMLIN M.O. TO PERFECTION]*⁵ ... triggered an obvious, ESSENTIAL deep-dive into Russian / KGB history. (ASAP: to bring the details of what the hell I was up against into focus.)

... And so ...

(the list of essential pieces is long, and WAY beyond the purpose of this update...) 


  –  2nd  –

The second most essential piece of this startling puzzle – which arrived just this past summer, right in the nick of time: The unparalleled, 'Putin's People' – by long-time Kremlin researcher and journalist, Catherine Belton:

... Here's the single most informative 50-odd minutes of contemporary Kremlin discussion TO DATE: (From a generally no BS Anglo x Yank perspective ... the most informative of the countless dozens I've heard, BAR NONE)

Again: Chrome's 'Simplified view' doesn't yet work w/ this post.
(Again – sorry.  And stay tuned.)  

YouTube Stream ] 

CEPA 'Power Vertical' Pod # 80

'Follow the Money' w/ Catherine Belton

[ pod episode links: AppleGoogle...
&,  webpage w/ audio stream  ]

-  Draft in progress  - 

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... Bare with me. /
... Stay tuned. /
... Full speed ahead.

*^  -  a recent Economist article put the Kremlin's annual Active Measures budget at $3 to $4 billion (!) *IN 1985* !!!  The equivalent to $7 billion PER YEAR (!) in today's dollars. (Circa a stagnating *CLOSED SYSTEM* '85.?)

Now? Under a sanctioned, resource rich, and even *more top heavy* regime – shot-through with lifelong spies turned “gangster capitalists”? (Putin's Kremlin: Twenty-odd PLUS years running.?) Your guess is as good as mine.
( ?!  In light of peak unregulated tech, troll, and CROOKED PR-STOOGE penetration – coupled to the dirty money infrastructure Tom Burgis, the FinCEN files, Andres Aslund and others describe. And distilled through an era where SIX-TIMES MORE WRITERS churn/ed garbage PR-spin than legitimate journalism.
While good newspapers drop/ped like flies.)
... the stage was perfectly set.
(  ...  ! ! ?  ... 
To say nothing of the Kremlin's LONG, troubling history of drafting clever, young mole prospects FOR LIFELONG CAREERS of home-grown influence / espionage*⁶ ... Baiting and gradually, repeatedly – almost inevitably – *penetrating our prized assets* – AND COUNTERINTELLIGENCE DEFENSES – generation after generation AFTER GENERATION.*⁷ 

Ⓕⓕⓢ !!! )    ... 

🛡️  🌱     Stay tuned  – and thanks for your interest.